If you have visited our website, then you likely already know that we are a green community here at the Townhomes On Vine. We built our community with green building materials and plenty of green options that you can utilize in our Fort Collins townhomes. With green insulation, tankless hot water heaters, Nest E Thermostats, Energy Star Appliances, and double pane windows you will already be on a great start towards energy savings, but there are a few things that you can also do to lower your energy costs and consumption.


In today’s blog, your local source for Fort Collins townhomes, the Townhomes On Vine will be discussing a few of our favorite energy saving tips and tricks.


Utilize Solar Heat

Even though the sun is some 93,000,000 miles away, we can still feel its heat. That’s why it gets cold at night while it is warm during the day. Crazy concept, right? While it might seem like the sun isn’t enough to heat your home, it really is. As a resident here at the Townhomes On Vine, you already have double pane windows, but by simply opening the blinds and letting the sunlight into your home during the day, your home will actually stay warm.


Adjust Your Nest E Thermostat At Night

If you are serious about lowering your heating costs, consider adjusting your thermostat while you sleep. During the day, go crazy — set your thermostat to whatever feels comfortable, but before you go to bed, dial it back a little bit. When you sleep, you are less prone to feeling the temperature in your home. By dialing your thermostat back 10-15 degrees overnight, you will start to see savings right away. While it seems like this is not enough to impact your overall energy bill, it can actually cut your annual power bills by up to 10 percent.


Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance

While yes, your Fort Collins townhome is brand new (if you live with us), that doesn’t mean that the furnace should not be regularly inspected. Now we aren’t talking about major furnace overhauls that cause you to spend money on contacting your local HVAC company, we are simply saying that it is important to occasionally check your filters. Why can a filter make such a large difference in your energy bill? Well, to put it simply, when your filter is dirty it may clog — meaning that your furnace has to work twice as hard to heat your home.


Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

While turning on the ceiling fan may seem like a minuscule attempt to lower your energy costs, they can greatly reduce the need for your furnace. We aren’t saying that that it will eliminate the need for you to run your furnace, but instead that using your fan can optimize the distribution of heat in your Fort Collins townhome.


How does this work? Well, as we have all been told since our elementary school days, heat rises. When the heat in your home rises, it may pile up in the upper third part of the room. By turning your ceiling fans on low, you can push this heat back down to the parts of your room that you actually inhabit.  Crazy, right?


All Of The Little Things Add Up

Here on the front range, it can get extremely cold. In fact, in fact, it is not uncommon for Fort Collins to be stuck with the 10-degree weather for weeks at a time in the winter. While the bone-chilling cold outside your Fort Collins townhomes may seem like a sign that you need to turn the heat higher, it could just mean that you need to become more conscious of your energy consumption.


Luckily, the Townhomes On Vine are already at an advantage to the aging bones of other homes in the homes for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado, as our home builders built our Fort Collins townhomes with energy efficiency in mind. If you are looking at townhomes for sale in Fort Collins and like the idea of low energy bills, we strongly suggest that you consider becoming a part of our community.


Check out our efficient floorplans today and contact us to inquire about financing options to become a part of our Fort Collins townhome community!