Finding A Home Near Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

As Coloradans, we often take for granted all of the cool activities that we can participate in that are just minutes from our doorsteps — as long as you don’t live in Denver, that is. Finding a home that allows for you to maximize your time outdoors can be difficult,...

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The Various Benefits Of Owning A Townhome

Ahh, the age-old debate of if living in a house or townhome is better — an argument that likely no one agrees on completely. While, as a townhome development with townhomes for sale off of East Vine Street in Fort Collins, we might be a little biased, we believe that...

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Quality Of Life

While yes, we realize that quality of life means many different things to many different people, some value personal interactions over amenities while others value the opposite. Luckily, here in Northern Colorado, you do not have to forgo one for the other.    ...

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Finding A Home Is Hard: Considering These Things Can Help

Some years ago when all of our parents were children, finding a home that met all of your personal and family needs really wasn't that hard of a task. Nowadays, however, finding a home that is adequate in meeting all of your needs is seemingly impossible.   This...

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Five Fort Collins Events Near Your New Townhome

Assuming you fell in love with one of our wonderfully crafted new townhomes (you probably did), you'll likely be looking for things to do within a reasonable distance of your new front door. We know it might be hard for you to leave your new home at first, and we...

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