If you have lived in Northern Colorado for any length of time, you have likely noticed that the housing market is exploding. People from all over the country, and world want to move to our communities — and we really can’t blame them.


That being said, when properties are racing to be built it is important to shop for a new home with a hyper-critical eye. As a builder of townhomes for sale in Fort Collins, the Townhomes on Vine, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with some insight as to what you should be looking out for — and in today’s blog, we will be doing just that. Continue reading to learn more.


Is the Builder Proven?

When you are looking at all of the various townhomes for sale in Fort Collins, it is important that you make a couple of considerations — with the first being who is constructing your future home. As we just stated above, there is a housing race in Northern Colorado, and each builder wants to get done as soon as possible in order to sell properties faster. When this happens, you can only expect shortcuts to be taken. So do your research and only look at townhomes that have been built by reputable home builders.


We have partnered with Old Town Construction, a local Fort Collins homebuilder, to bring you our townhome community. Why? To put it simply, we want our townhome community to be built correctly and efficiently — allowing you to have peace of mind when buying a townhome from us here at the Townhomes on Vine. Old Town Construction has built hundreds of single and multi-family homes on the front range, so rest easy knowing that your future home is being built by experienced professionals.

What Is The Ambiance Like?

While this might seem like a silly consideration, we find it to be incredibly important. All too often you will see a townhome complex that looks and feels, like an apartment complex. While we aren’t here to speak lowly of apartment complexes, we want to point out that when people buy a townhome, they are buying a home — and it should look, and feel, like one.


Being that townhomes share walls, it is important that they are designed in a way where you forget that you even share a wall with your neighbor in the first place. By creating a modern look and making the area feel more natural, a townhome development can feel more like a traditional neighborhood than an apartment complex — and that is exactly what you will find at the Townhomes on Vine.


Our townhomes for sale in Fort Collins have been designed by Michael J.K. Olden Architects, a local Colorado architecture firm based out of Steamboat Springs. What makes their designs so special? Their designs are meant to not only challenge the idea that townhomes and multi-family complexes look like apartments, but also to make beautiful homes more affordable!  Learn more about the team that designed our homes today by clicking here!


Home Buying — Where Quality Really Counts

When you are in the market for a new townhome in Northern Colorado the last thing that you should sacrifice is quality — and when you come to the Townhomes on Vine, quality is exactly what you are going to get.