Fort Collins is a wonderful place to live. It has an immense amount of social opportunities, business opportunities, and outdoor recreation opportunities — but none of that will matter if you find yourself living in the wrong place. Some people like living in apartments while others prefer single-family homes, both thinking that their lifestyle can only be maintained by one or the other. But what about Fort Collins townhomes?


Townhomes are often thought of as the “odd house out,” in that they aren’t an apartment and they aren’t a house, but instead are somewhere between. But why are people so quick to count townhomes out of contention when looking for a new place to live in Northern Colorado?


As a home builder of townhomes in Fort Collins, we really have no idea as to why people might not consider living in a townhome — after all, maybe they didn’t even know to consider living in a Fort Collins townhome in the first place.  In today’s blog, your local Northern Colorado home builders, the Townhomes on Vine, will be discussing some of the most enticing features that our homes for sale in Fort Collins, CO can provide!


Green Space

It is scientifically proven that green space has a positive effect on the human psyche. Green space refers to any natural area that might create a relaxing environment for the person that is experiencing it — and for most people, this is their backyard. At the Townhomes on Vine, we understand that green space is a beneficial amenity for people to have, being why our complex features backyards and a central park — not to mention that we border a plot of land that is to become a future city park!


But what is the traditional downside of green space? You have to maintain it. Unless, however, you live in one of our townhomes for sale in Fort Collins, CO, where the green space is maintained by our facility — meaning that you have more time to yourself to relax.


Garage Space

Have you lived in Fort Collins for some time now? If so, you likely already know the immense benefits that having a garage provides — and if you are just now moving here, you will soon find out. You might be thinking “Garages are best for storage, we already know.” But what you don’t know is that the best part of having a garage is in the winter. There is nothing quite like looking outside on a cold winter morning at 6 am while you are getting ready for work, seeing a foot of snow, and realizing that your car is not only already clean, but also warm, and ready to hop in with no preparation at all. But yeah, you can also use the garage in your new Fort Collins townhome, too.


Multi-Level Life

What is something that everyone — and we mean everyone — enjoys from time to time? Personal space, alone time, meditation — there are a million ways to say it, but everyone needs it. If you are living in an apartment with another person, spouse or otherwise, sometimes you just need to get away and be by yourself, but where can you go? The 10 square-foot patios? And the situation can be the same in some homes. Where can you go? The other end of the house? When you are living in a Fort Collins townhome, you have multiple levels — meaning you can simply go to another living space in the house, crack open a book, and get some relaxing and personal time in.


Come See What Fort Collins Townhomes Are All About At the Townhomes On Vine

The Townhomes on Vine are Northern Colorado’s newest, and most exciting townhome development — all thanks to our wonderful and experienced homebuilders. We have constructed our Fort Collins townhomes in a centralized location between major thoroughfares like I-25 and restaurants, shopping, and entertainment centers like Old Town Fort Collins.


If you are interested in visiting our Fort Collins townhomes, we urge you to contact us today and schedule a tour. We would love to show you our new housing development, as well as help you envision yourself in your new home. If you have any questions about our homes for sale in Fort Collins, CO, get in touch with us today.