Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is fall in Northern Colorado. That can only mean one thing — it’s time to start thinking about turkey day! Some families like to keep it simple on Thanksgiving while others like to go all out, but every family has one thing in common — they are cooking a turkey. Okay, if you are vegan you aren’t, but you are likely having Tofurkey® at least.  In today’s blog, the Townhomes on Vine, your local provider of townhomes for sale in Fort Collins, will be discussing 10 ways to cook a turkey.


The Classic — Deep Fry It

There is no way that we could even begin thinking about discussing ways to cook a turkey without bringing up the fryer. While it is a southern tradition to deep-fry turkeys, there are still plenty of people who appreciate it out here in the West — and we can’t blame them. When you are deep-frying a turkey, it is important that you do so outside, as the oil can be a potential fire hazard.


Pairs Best With: Beer & Football


The Deconstructed — Braise It

While nothing screams Thanksgiving more than stuffing the turkey, some people argue that tearing it apart and braising it can unlock a multitude of flavors. Consider marinating the turkey if you intend to braise it, as it will hold flavor extremely well.


Pairs Best With: White Wine & Soft Jazz


The Weekend Warrior — Grill It

If you are looking to channel your inner “dad” we suggest that you break out the charcoal and clean off the grill. Grilling the bird whole is a great way to free up some valuable space in the oven, but it is important to remember that meats tend to dry out on the grill — so some extra gravy may be in order.


Pairs Best With: Beer & Rock Music


The Outdoorsman — Smoke It

While grilling and smoking meats are fairly similar, smoking a turkey can add some flavor and creativity to your Thanksgiving meals that grilling cannot. Consider researching the different types of wood chips for smoking, and the tasteful effects that they can have on the meat. One thing to keep in mind: smoking takes longer than grilling, so budget your time accordingly.


Pairs Best With: Whiskey & Flannels


The Alcohol Enthusiast — Cook It With A Beer Can

Something that has become extremely popular in the last couple of decades is to integrate alcohol into classic recipes. To cook a beer can turkey, it is important to use indirect heat to cook the turkey so that the beer evaporates from the can rather than boiling in the can. Additionally, don’t use your favorite beer, as it will just add the general aroma and taste to the meat. Consider using that Bud Light that your uncle left in the fridge instead.


Pairs Well With: Any Alcohol & Friends


The Spread Eagle (Turkey) — Spatchcocked

It is likely that you had never encountered the word “spatchcocked” before reading this blog — and that is fine because it was our first time coming across it when writing this post. Spatchcocking is essentially the act of flaying the arms, legs, and sternum of the bird to spread the bird flat. The benefit in doing so is that the meat is thinner and can be cooked more evenly. Consider baking it for best effect!


Pairs Well With: White Wine & Pumpkin Pie


The Turducken — Stuff It With Other Birds

The turducken is a famous bird that went extinct hundreds of years ago. Just kidding, it is a duck inside of a chicken, inside of a turkey. What is the appeal of cooking your Thanksgiving dinner this way? Well, besides being able to say turducken, it allows for a mixture of tastes and textures. The most difficult part of this process is stuffing the birds inside of each other in a way that can allow for them to cook thoroughly. So be sure to check the temperature of the meat before consuming it.


Pairs Well With: Turkeys, Chickens & Ducks


We Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving!

While there are countless ways to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving this year, the most important thing is that you do it with your friends and your family. Here at the Townhomes on Vine, we are huge supporters of Thanksgiving and the family time that it provides. In addition to the importance of a home-cooked meal, it is important to have a home to cook it in.


If you are looking to move to Northern Colorado, or even if you are simply looking to upgrade your living situation, we would love to have you come to visit us at the Townhomes on Vine. Our townhomes for sale in Fort Collins are located between Old Town Fort Collins and I-25 on historic Vine street. Come to visit us and check out your new forever home! Contact us today if you have any questions, and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!


7 Ways To Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey – Fort Collins Townhomes | Townhomes on Vine

Join us in today’s blog where we discuss seven ways that you can cook your turkey this thanksgiving at you new Fort Collins townhome.